About Brother Malaysia

About Brother Singapore

For more than a century, Brother has won recognition as a brand synonymous with delivering product innovation and customer satisfaction. A Japanese company founded in 1908, Brother has 19 production facilities and 43 sales companies operating in 41 countries in different regions today.

Brother is now a leading brand that produces quality innovative products for the print and imaging, labelling and sewing markets. Key products include laser printers, Multi-Function Centres (MFCs), fax machines, labellers, label printers, and a wide range of home and industrial sewing machines. A trusted brand worldwide that believes in the "Customer First" approach in all aspects of our business, Brother has continuously met the varied needs of our customers through our comprehensive range of quality solutions.

Print & Imaging Solutions

Print & Imaging Solutions

Brother’s products have been utilised by a wide range of users, ranging from homes to large corporations. For our business customers, we have set up a dedicated corporate showroom that serves as the regional solution centre where different initiatives and proof-of-concepts are demonstrated to our corporate customers across Southeast Asia.

This centre enables us to seamlessly establish a full laboratory for our Corporate/ Government customers. Here, they can effectively test our products in a controlled environment that closely mimics their work environments, and work with our business partners to bring the best solutions to meet their growing needs.

Supported by specialists trained in balanced deployment and customisation, Brother is a holistic provider of print and imaging solutions that integrate easily into a corporate IT network – breaking the traditional silo printing model that has plagued organisations with low productivity and high maintenance costs.

Energy Saving & Eco Friendly

Energy Saving & Eco Friendly

As an environmentally responsible corporate citizen, Brother's printing solutions are all friends of the earth. In 2002, Brother became the first printer manufacturer to achieve the coveted TCO standard – the toughest environmental standard in the world. This is a globally recognised benchmark for excellence in ecology, energy, emissions and ergonomics.

Our machines' eco-friendliness is determined by the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive. There is restricted use of certain hazardous substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium in the manufacture of our products. On top of that, our machines are labelled Energy Savers, which means they consume less power, and therefore contribute to our holistic approach to being environmentally friendly. At Brother, we provide the ideal solutions that exceed expectations now and into the future. We aim to be "At Your Side" every step of the way.

Accolades & Awards

Accolades & Awards

Over the years, Brother International Malaysia has grown in strength, not only in regional expansion, but also in:
- creating generation after generation of innovative products,
- making strong improvements in customer service offerings,
- developing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies, and
- intensifying our dedication to the green movement.

For our efforts, Brother International Malaysia has achieved numerous accolades from multiple fronts. Besides winning numerous product-related awards from top-notch IT media like PC Magazine and Hardware Magazine, we are also recognised for our efforts in:

- developing and supporting green initiatives green initiatives, like our recycling programmes.

Brother International Malaysia is a company that constantly drives itself to achieve excellence, both internally and externally – and that is how we maintain brand recognition and customer loyalty around the world.

Your lifestyle and working style can only get better, when there is Brother at your side.