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It's A Purely Coverstitch Machine With No Blades

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Cover stitch machinesTri-cover stitch, Wide coverstitch, Narrow coverstitch, Chain stitching, Colour coded threading, Easy looper threading, Adjustment dials for stitch length, Differential feed, Presser foot dial, Snap on feet

The 2340CV is purely a coverstitch machine with no blades like an overlocker. It features: · Tri-cover stitch · Wide coverstitch · Narrow coverstitch · Chain stitching · Colour coded threading · Easy looper threading · Adjustment dials for stitch length · Differential feed · Presser foot dial · Snap on feet This model has differential feed which allows you to alter the speed at which your fabric is feeding through the machine. With 3 needles and one looper thread, the coverstitch machine creates professional hems, chain stitch and decorative stitching. Set your overlocker next to your coverstitch machine and you can make the perfect T-shirt in no time. All hems and necklines can be hemmed and raw edge neatened in one go.

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