New PT-9800PCN

Versatile and reliable, this labeller is specially designed for tough environments.

Label Sizes
Print Speed
Print Resolution
Multiple Interface
Flexibility to choose from 3.5, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 36mm label width to suit your labelling needsIncrease productivity and efficiency with a fast print speed of up to 80 mm/sec with High-Grade (HG) TapesUp to 360 x 720dpi print resolution with High-Grade (HG) Tapes ensures printouts of the finest levelUSB2.0 Full Speed, RS-232C, Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX), USB HOST (A)

Everyone in the office or warehouse can share the professional features of the PT-9800PCN easily, as its built-in networking allows all network NetworkA network is simply a method of allowing computers to communicate with one another. If you have two or more computers, a network can let them share. Need Pop-up help? Yes | Nousers to create wide, durable labels quickly, without any software or driver installation required.

A USB barcode scanner can also be connected directly into the front of the machine - so barcodes can be created without the use of a PC*.

*Barcode scanner not supplied

Main Features

Cost Saving

Cost Saving

Cost effectively produce professional employee name badge labels on demand. Virtually eliminate the costs associated with replacing permanent name badges.

High Quality Labels with Auto-Lamination

High Quality Labels with Auto-Lamination

Ideal for a wide range of work environments from manufacturing to retail, P-Touch laminated labels are designed to withstand moisture, extreme temperatures, UV rays, industrial chemicals and abrasion.

High Performance Labeller

High Performance Labeller

Generate durable, printed office labels for file folders, file drawers and more in a second.

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