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Embroidery Movie

Standard Frame
Batting Glove
Watch Now
Cap (Side)
Watch Now
Bag(appliqué)Watch Now
 Jersey (bottom)Watch Now
Jersey (top)Watch Now
Judo and Karate beltWatch Now
Badge makingWatch Now
Polo embroidery on armWatch Now
Polo embroidery on chestWatch Now
Sleeve on shirt Watch Now
Cuff on shirt Watch Now
Shoe Bag
Watch Now
Watch Now
Underwear Neck
Watch Now
Windbreaker Arm
Watch Now
WristbandWatch Now

Optional Frame
Cap (3D embroidery)Watch Now
 CapWatch Now
Watch Now
Suit Jacket Inner Pocket
 Watch Now
Wristband Optional Frame
Watch Now

How to Operate PR series
Threading Needle
Watch Now
Upper Threading
Watch Now
Cap Frame Attach*
Watch Now
Cap Frame Prepare*
Watch Now
Oiling the Machine
Watch Now
Cleaning the Hook
Watch Now