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Sewing Accessories
1/4 inch Piecing FootF001N(XC1944052)Watch Now
Narrow Hemmer FootF052N(XC1946052), F003N (XC1945052)
Watch Now
Concealed Zipper FootF004N (XC1947052)Watch Now
Quilting FootF005N (XC1948052), F061 (XE1097001)
Watch Now
Non Stick FootF007N (XC1949052)Watch Now
Gathering FootF012N (XC1953052)Watch Now
Cording FootF013N (XC1956052), F024N (XC1967052), F019N (XC1962052), F020N (XC1961052)
Watch Now
Binding FootF014N (XC1955052)Watch Now
Overlock FootF015N (XC1975052)Watch Now
Blind Stitch FootF017N (XC1957052), F018N (XC1976052)
Watch Now
Braiding FootF021N (XC1960052)Watch Now
Clear View FootF022N (XC1959052), F023N (XC1958052)
Watch Now
Fringe FootF025N (XC1968052)Watch Now
Open Toe FootF026N (XC1963052), F027N(XC1964052), F060 (XE1094101)
Watch Now
Pearls and Sequins FootF028N (XC1966052)Watch Now
Walking Foot & Quilting GuideF033N (XC2214052), F034N (XC2165052), F050N(XC2169052, F062 (XE1100001), F016N (XC2215052)
Watch Now
Stitch Guide FootF035N(XC1969052)Watch Now
Adjustable Zipper and Piping FootF036N (XC1970052)Watch Now
Pin Tuck FootF037N (XC1971052), F058 (XC3272052), F059 (XE0873001)
Watch Now
Picot FootF039N (XC1974052), F029N (XC1965052)
Watch Now
Straight Stitch FootF042N (XC1973052), F011N (XC1954052)
Watch Now
Ruffler FootF051N(XA9093052)Watch Now
Side CutterF054 (XC3879102)Watch Now
Edge Joining FootF056 (XC6441252)Watch Now
Circular AttachmentCIRC1(XE3527001)Watch Now