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Add a professional touch to everything you mend or create with the Brother FS101 Sewing Machine.

Price : ฿18,900

Sewing Accessories

Consumable IDColumn 2Description
F001N 1/4" Piecing FootSupply
F002NNarrow Hemmer Foot (7mm)Supply
F004N Concealed Zipper Foot Supply
F005N Plastic Quilting Foot Supply
F007N Teflon Foot (Hor)Supply
F012NGathering FootSupply
F013N Cording Foot Supply
F014N Binder FootSupply
F016N Quilting GuideSupply
F017N Blind Stitch Foot (Hor)Supply
F019N5-Hole Cording FootSupply
F020N7-Hole Cording FootSupply
F021NBraiding FootSupply
F023NClear-view Foot (Hor)Supply
F025NFringe FootSupply
F028NPearl and Sequins FootSupply
F033NWalking Foot 7mm (Hor)Supply
F036NZipper and Piping FootSupply
F039NPicot Foot 7mmSupply
F042NStraight Stitch Foot (7mm)Supply
F051Ruffler FootSupply
F053Zigzag Foot Low Supply
F056Edge Joining FootSupply
F0587 Groove Pintuck FootSupply
F060Metal Open Toe FootSupply
F061 Open Toe Quilting FootSupply
F062 Open Toe Walking FootSupply
F063Vertical Stitching Alignment FootSupply
BCLBobbin Clip SetSupply
CIRC1Circular AttachmentSupply
F066Roller footSupply
F064Stitch in the Ditch FootSupply
F067Piping FootSupply
F0695 Groove Pin Tuck FootSupply
F071APAdjustable Binder FootSupply
BWRK1 Bobbin work kitSupply
BCL Bobbin Clip SetSupply
F057 (XC7416252)1/4" Piecing Foot With GuideSupply
SFBBobbins (10 pcs.) - 9.2mm (3/8”), 11.5mm (1/2”) in height.Supply

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